Random Thoughts

An infinite space?

... can you imagine, duplicates out there

by Len Dalton

Now for generations the history of time or how the universe was formed since the ‘Big Bang” has been getting a load of speculation by great, if speculative, intellects around the professions of astronomy and physics. Few ever spoke of the infinity of the space our universe occupies. The human mind, while increasingly able, seems not able to think or conceive that there might be no end to space. I confess to being just as guilty of that infirmity. The exercise is to imagine yourself positioned right here where we now find ourselves, only far in the future when, as they tell us, the matter in our universe has once again fallen back to a central core. That will be in preparation for the next ‘Big Bang’.

Now, cast your eyes and your mind out into the blackness of space and try to convince yourself that the black space there is without end, or infinite. Sure, you can say it, but can you really understand infinity? I cannot nor do I think you can. Only recently after all these years with Stephen Hawking and others has anyone at all brought forth the concept that space IS infinite and that out there 40 billion light years in any direction are duplicates of our universe. Not one but, lots of duplicates! If space goes on forever that allows for unlimited universes composed of the same elements we find here. That is actually as close as man’s little mind can come to comprehending infinity. It makes sense, too.

January 5, 2007

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