Random Thoughts

February, 2007

... remembering the roses

by Carol Nelson

Ahhhh .. it's February, again. The time for wed, wed woses, St. Valentine (the patron saint of chocolate) and romance.

But not for me. My ship sailed in 1993 .. and sank.

Still, it is so nice to remember the years of roses of every color, daisies pulled up root and all, hibiscus red and yellow, violets in snug little bunches, golden daffodil, sensational sunflowers, bittersweet and most of all an armful of white roses purchased on Newbury Street, as the snow sifted down around us.

And valentines! So many but only one remains. It says "SWEETHEART" and down at the bottom in that familiar hand, "Thanks for putting up with me" and signed .. in pencil.

February 2, 2007

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