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Eating for love

... Happy Valentine's Day

from Lilia Dianderas

For the love of a woman, men can go to a great deal of effort to please the chosen one. If he cannot find it at hand he will create it, he will even fantasize about bringing the moon and the stars from the sky, only to please a woman, but what does the woman do for the man she loves?

A whole lot--there is even a phrase that says, "behind a successful man there is a great woman."  

There are also opposite results, such as when a man forces himself on a woman or when a woman is not educated in how to keep her family's health.  This is sad, because the woman can change a man to be better or worse.

Can we see a woman as executive chef? The title of executive chef implies that the cook is the boss.  No one should feel guilty if one knows how to prepare a healthy meal for their loved ones.

February 2, 2007

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