Canine Capers by Casa-June 2007

... the continuing journey

by Casa

After riding through some real pretty country and walking around in a field we got to the Shaker Village in Pittsfield Massachusetts. I was not able to get into the large confined section that had really old buildings but I did get to walk around outside with one of my parents. She had been to this place before and the two of us just checked out the fields and fenced in areas around the place. As we sat on one of the benches a few people passed by and remarked what a nice dog I was. I was behaving at that time for I was enjoying myself just people watching.

My other parent and her friend spent quite a bit of time looking at the structures inside.  Looking and taking pictures, for sure. When they came out with pamphlets I heard them say that some of these buildings are 150 years old. The Shakers no long live here but the area has been preserved so people can see just how life was lived by these people so many years ago.

We drove on to Bennington Vermont where the humans went into the Bennington Museum to see some more old things. Pictures painted by a Grandma Moses, and some historic exhibits about the area were inside. I waited in the car but got my walk and treat when they came out.

I did get to walk around the downtown streets to see all the paintings on pallets, and some moose sculptures that local people had done.There was this clothing store that had a statue of a dog at the entrance. This dog had a tie on that said "open". I guess that means you could go inside to shop, but can you imagine me wearing a tie in Melrose. What would my friends think about that? It made for a very colorful area for residents and tourists to enjoy. My next snack was leftovers from the human’s brunch. Real good crispy slices of bacon were my rewards for waiting in the car with a minimum of barking.

This seemed to be museum day for the humans for the next stop was in Shaftsbury Vermont. The poet Robert Frost lived in an old stone house on a scenic stretch of road and we stopped to check it out. I waited in the car, which was parked under a beautiful ancient tree and I was real quite because the place was. I believe my parents knew Mr. Frost because they have his books around the house and I read from them sometimes.

Again I waited in the car for the next stop. This time it was an old country store called just that, The Vermont Country Store. The humans came out with packages of candy, fun stuff and some Vermont cheese. The small park close by was my walking area and there were a few other dogs there that I could converse with. These dogs lived in the area and were used to tourists so they did not mind us walking on their turf.

Back to one more museum, which was called the Norman Rockwell Museum. This man was also an artist but unlike the ones displayed in the Bennington Museum. Magazine covers and newspaper art were his forte. I understand his work was of the people in there own settings. Many of the residents in this and local areas were the models for Mr. Rockwell’s paintings. These time postcards, tee shirts and other memorabilia came into the car with the humans.

For this evening we stopped in a town called Woodstock Vermont. We are getting close to home and it might not to many more days before we get there. I also know from seeing the maps and brochures that there is still a lot to see. It would be nice if you stay along to the end.

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Hasta luego (so long)
Veale el mes proximo)( see you next month)

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