Whoa is me!

by Russ Priestley

                  Now is the time to relate my view,
                  to reveal just what I have to do.
                  As one of the bevy of editors here,
                  my additional duty is quite clear.
                  An editor reads the "writes" of others.
                  It's required. We have no druthers.
                  Alas, most others read with speed,
                  'though for this task it's not a need.

                  In this mandatory, thankless situation,
                  we must edit spelling and punctuation.
                  To change an author's words is forbidden.
                  No matter how much they're error-ridden.

                  It's a boring, time-consuming task,
                  but who else would do the job, I ask?
                  My only request is for an author to take
                  time to read and find his own miss steak.  

               March 2, 2007

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