The world would be a better place

by Jackie Wattenberg

The world would be a better place
if people could purr and growl,
hiss and bark like our fur-favored pets.

Great feats of brilliant beneficence    
solely for justice and generosity,
no personal profit, but progress
and peace for a welcoming world
would inspire a symphony of purring
and joyful yiping resounding
country to country like Mahler
or Rachmaninoff's Third concerto,
glorious and gratifying for the princes
to hear, knowing their performance
is approved, appreciated by the populace.

But when wars explode
for dominance and protected profit,  
dismissing death and devastation,
graft or corruption of cruel crafting
for ignoble gain, personal and avaricious,
the roar of barking and furious hissing
rising in streets and countryside
would block all media and communication.

And holding their ears could not hold back
the fury of the people to their leaders,
heartless princes, presidents,
vice presidents and all players in the government's
palaces or Houses of White would recoil,
hide, and finally, to lower
the deafening volume and their fear
alter the offensive acts, cancel the war,
bring soldiers home to love and live.

So would the world stir princes and presidents
To wiser, just and more gratifying intentions.
If only citizens could growl and hiss, purr and bark
Like our discerning dogs and cats, alas!

March 2, 2007

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