Florida Melrosians mark tenth gathering

... photos from a rare reunion on Nokomis Beach

from Marie Wood

The occasion was held on the beach near Venice, Florida, and involved all those Melrose folks who have either moved permanently or are wintering in that area. It was, in fact, the 10th anniversary of this celebration, according to Marie Woods, who provided these photos.

The event is open all all, and all are encouraged to come. In all, some 30 to 40 Melrosians drop by.

Helen Delorey Williams, and Nancy Dale Muldoon. Helen graduated with the class of 1935

George Farr and Rosemary Behrle, who were back in Melrose by publication date.

Dick and Diane Olsen.

Nancy Dale Muldoon and Ruth Publicover La Freniere, the women who started this reunion, now in its 10th year.

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