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September 11, 2001

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HEY, SMILE! Louise Fennell leads the Stringer photo group while producing such pictures as the Christmas scene above. The group is growing slowly with the advent of weekly shooting sessions, and the Stringers are puchasing a new digital camera for use in training. Anyone interested can show up at the Milano Senior Center at 1pm on Fridays, with camera and positive attitude.

Giving thanks at
  Milano Senior Center

from the SilverStringers

An ounce
  of prevention ...

by Natalie Thomson

Response to
  articles on
  Hurricane of '38

by reader Sandy Weiss


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Published the First Friday of each month by the SilverStringers of Melrose, Massachusetts -- December 6, 2002

MIRROR-WRITER Louise Fennell took her photo group beyond the city limits this week, deciding that we should stretch our mission and "shoot Melrose at Faneuil Hall". Of the 50 or so resulting photos, the editors chose Louise's shot of a white carriage with Christmas decorations -- and its rather English-looking driver. This is what Boston looks like.

In search of roots 
by Margery Carter
 ... a SilverStringer finds threads to Scottish ancestry

On any Saturday -- 
by Don Norris
 ... sneak a peek at what happens in this all-American town ...

Guilty until proven innocent
by Russ Priestley
... who? Search me!

Melrose grandfather concerned about Bush plan
by Donald R. Norris
 ... leading to United Nations being THE peace-keeper?

The "I" in Ivory
by Elsie Hamilton
 ... My father was the greatest

An attitude of gratitude
by Natalie Thomson
 ... blowing the budget

Away from home at 69
by Shirley Rabb, somewhere else
 ... This was early afternoon on a lazy day of contemplation.

Niagara Falls, Toronto and Ottawa
by James Tierney
 ... Another visit with our friends to the North

For my father
by Karen Smolens
 ... a daughter shares the experience of D-day

Mirror readers backtalk SilverStringers
Mail, and the people speak!
 ...Praise, chagrin, social commentary, it's all here ...

Be responsible to yourself about supplements
by Shirley Rabb
 ... consult your doctor, try it, see if it works for you ...

How we honor the Prince of Peace
by Jackie Wattenberg
... our resident activist speaks out

Looking Ahead -- December, 2002
by Jack Beckley, executive director, Melrose COA


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