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September 11, 2001

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by Editor Don Norris

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by Bob Ross

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Published the First Friday of each month by the SilverStringers of Melrose, MA -- December 1, 2000

SHOW OPENER: Luke Volpe and Dixie Clark, two outstanding watercolorists living and painting in Melrose, have initiated a new year-long series of special artists' displays at the beautiful Beebe Estate on West Foster Street, with a combined show of their work through December. The idea, Luke told the Mirror, will be to have another artist's work featured each month, a plan which has been endorsed by the local officials, the Council on Aging, the Melrose Free Press and the Melrose Mirror. The "Cello player" above, a recent work by Volpe, is included in this first month's offerings. For more details, click on the painting to retrieve the full story as supplied by the Free Press.

Home for the Holidays

Seeing double at watercolor show
by Dan MacAlpine, editor, Melrose Free Press
 ... Melrose artists open two-person show at Beebe

'Boomers swing to ballroom dancing
by John Sumares
 ... rock 'n rollers discover 'dancing together', music from the past

Tax Relief for Senior Citizens
Rep Michael Festa
... Circuit Breaker gives Tax relief to Seniors.

Big Squirrel caper, part II -- the ol' hole in the pumpkin trick
by Don Norris
... sequel to part I where we are overrun with lusty, dusty squirrels ...

Not even seniors have a monopoly on aging
by Jack Driscoll
... Lifestyle and change in demographics spur high level of interest

The high plains passage
by Bill Jodrey
... the days of a hobo not pleasant to remember but are unforgettable

Free associations about travel and books
by Russell Berg
 ... Great Books and Following the trace of Lewis and Clark

Communications via music
by Len Dalton
... a discussion of composers and their music through the ages 

Whiz-bang overniter -- Impressionists at Hartford
by Don Norris
 ... an inexpensive getaway to Argenteuil on the Connecticut

Coming Attractions in Melrose in December
by Virginia Hanley


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