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September 11, 2001

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Talk about
  UGLEE gifts!!!

by Ella Letterie

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  Stringer's age

by Dave Moreland

Print cartridge
 refills can really
 save money

by Bob Ross


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Published the First Friday of each month by the SilverStringers of Melrose, MA -- June 1, 2001

STRINGER CONNECTIONS: In a blue-moon meeting of power people, these three men -- the people primarily responsible for the happening of the SilverStringers and the Melrose Mirror five years ago -- were part of the semi annual meeting of the corporate sponsors of MIT's Media Lab in late May. From the left are Stringer Advisor Jack Driscoll (former Boston Globe editor and now editor in residence at the Media Lab); Dr. Marko Turpeinen of Helsinki, designer of the original Stringer software and now vice president of the Alma communications conglomerate; and Walter Bender, now head of the Media Lab. The photo was snapped just as Walter opened his special award as "Stringer of the Year" -- for which he received the coveted "Melrose Mirror".

The Wall at Ellis Island -  a tribute to immigrants
by Bob Ross
 ... have patience and correct names before accessing new database!

Internet encounter of the best kind
by Irving Smolens
 ... Army beats Navy - this time

Mark it well/Desperate force
by Morris Wattenberg

Fire in the mind/Will summer come?
by Jackie Wattenberg

Udagawa conducts orchestra and audience superbly
by Jackie Wattenberg
... Spring Pops Night has become a tradition in Melrose ...

It's the volunteers that make the difference
by Jack Beckley
 ... Appreciation luncheon held at Milano Center

Terse Verse 
by Russ Priestley
... the endearing nickname

Join the SilverStringer gold rush
by Jack Driscoll
...ability to laugh is a prerequisite

Career Journalist Sylvia Weiss Glynn dies 
by the Silver Stringers
... part of select group to establish a free press in Germany

More photos of Stringers' visit in Ennis, Ireland
by Ella Letterie
 ... the scenery was beautiful, the people even more so ...

We really had an Earthquake?
by Sally Ryan
... "Hit the metal before the bridge croaks!"

A King's Ransom  -- circa 1991
by Susan DeColaines
 ... Between faulty telephones, dark pubs and a mangy dog -- we get the message

DeCordova Museum
by Ella Letterie
... A Wonderful Day at The DeCordova Museum  

My day in court
by Natalie Thomson
 ... not quite

Fuels Today
Len Dalton
... Ongoing arguments about developing oil fields in Alaska


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