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September 11, 2001

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Published the first Friday of each month by the SilverStringers of Melrose, Massachusetts -- March 2, 2001

IT IS THAT TIME again to celebrate the SilverStringers, for all the energy and productivity this group has shown for the past five years. An now, suddenly, we are part of a world plan to link communities separated only by mere space. Now, we will send four of our representatives to Ireland to help organize yet another community publication using the latest version of the Stringer software. It is a mojaor step forward -- for the Stringers, for MIT's Media Lab, and Eircom of Ireland. In the front row, left to right are Marjorie Burgess, Jackie Wattenberg, Virginia Hanley, Kay McCarte and Ella Letterie. Second row, David Moreland, Hedy Kodish, Natalie Thomson, Marianna Cerretani, John Cerretani, Jim Driscoll and Marie Moreland. Last row, Barbara Chandler, Hector French, Fran Bertulli, Bill Jodrey, Bernadette Mahoney, Russ Priestley, Advisor Jack Driscoll and Don Norris. Not in the photo are members Al Bertulli, Mary MacDougall, Len Dalton, Bob Ross and Jack Beckley.

SilverStringers lose old friend

We mourn the passing of our good friend and writing compatriot, Morris Wattenberg, who died January 19th at the age of 84. He was among those of us who started this SilverStringer project five years ago, and he and his wife Jackie have contributed much to our success. His free verse poetry drove us all to our dictionaries, and his film reviews were succint, witty, and always whetted our appetite for a good show. He was a good friend and we are richer for his being here.

Stringers to send four ambassadors to Ireland
by the Melrose SilverStringers
... Eircom and the Media Lab place faith in senior publishers

Melrose couple discovers the magic of Ireland
by Susan DeColaines
"... we drove by it, thinking we could never afford it"

Gone Fishin'
by O'Callaghan
... a youngster with a trout, a man with a tale.

Red Sox mania - a family affair
by Hector French
...We couldn't wait "till next year".

Prescription Advantage Plan
by Representative Mike Festa
... New Prescription Drug program for seniors effective April 1, 2001.

Tough... as nails
by Russ Priestley
... old age, new problems

Snow -- you love it or hate it
Bob Ross
... it's lots of work

A lad from North Somewhere gets in trouble
by David Moreland
... since we cannot agree on anything, we disagree on everything

Actions speak louder than words
by Jackie Wattenberg
...I'll be watching you

Sleeping around, Vol. 1
by Russ Priestley
... upstaging George Washington

Ode to Saint Patrick's Day
Barbara Chandler
... 'tis the wearing of the green


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