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September 11, 2001

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Published the first Friday of each month by the SilverStringers of Melrose, Massachusetts -- July 6, 2001

IT'S A U.S.A. THING: 'tis the season for all patriotic Americans to step forward and rejoice in the heritage that our parents, their parents and all those pioneers before them, left to us here in the land of plenty. It is time to pay homage, a time to pay respect, to honor the memory of all those good people who had the courage to defend that near-perfect system the forefathers had the wisdom to create 225 years ago. It is the Fourth of July, our collective birthday. So Happy Birthday, all you Americans, wherever you are. The SilverStringers salute you. (The picture is of the Veterans Plot in our cit's beautiful Wyoming Cemetery. It is a SilverStringer photo.)

One of our SilverStringers, Barbara Chandler, died peacefully in her sleep on a recent Monday night. "She was a happy person, enjoyed the little things of life, and had a lovely garden with many colorful flowers," a friend wrote of her. "She enjoyed cooking and would set a pretty table for her guests." A Melrose High School graduate, Barbara discovered the SilverStringers only last year, yet had become a dedicated member. We shall miss her. (Barbara's picture is linked to a poem in her honor, read at a recent Stringer meeting.)

A family's flag is a reminder
by Hector French
... since the mid-1600s, the French family have served their country

Wyoming Cemetery
by Natalie Thomson
 ... nature marks time

Promises to our Vets 
Jackie Wattenberg
 ... Whether or not it's Memorial Day

Choco Suisse
by Nadia Stouffs
... the SilverStringers' second foreign correspondent

Amazing Luxembourg encounter
by Irving Smolens
... Chance meeting of a student and a Vietnam veteran 

Mayzie Dalton, a life
Len Dalton
 ... A remarkable lady.

Speed's our only dimension/Running pack
by Morris Wattenberg

The seasons collide/Distrusting morning
by Jackie Wattenberg

John Averell
 ... Launching rockets at school

Don Murray strikes a chord with readers
by Jack Driscoll
 ... biased non-review discovers that his story is ours

Enough is enuff.
by Russ Priestley
... are you ready for this?

Open mike poetry, guitar pickin', a fine evening
by Don Norris
 ... Bookmarkit sponsors an unusual but delightful event

Photo essay: Beebe School oil tank removal
by Frances Bertulli
 ... It all happened behind the Milano Senior Center. 

by Russ Priestley
... Regional pronounciations

Finer points of baking
by  O'Callaghan
...Well, I tried


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