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September 11, 2001

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Published the first Friday of each month by the SilverStringers of Melrose, Massachusetts -- September 7, 2001

SUMMER MORN: On three pleasant mornings in August, Gayle Lerman, well known local artist, gave lessons on the front lawn of the Melrose Public Library, surrounded by the summer artistry of nature. Ms. Lerman's watercolor of the carriage house of the Beebe Estate--now the Milano Senior Center--became part of the masthead for this newspaper in 1996.

Crash, bang, zooooom!!! Our favorite automobiles from the past get a going over in this issue, although some writers interpreted the assignment liberally--like the lady who burst into tears on her driving test, the whitehair who ws busted for backing all the way up the hill, the family who jammed nine into a '27 Packard and drove from Los Angeles to Massachusetts, and the street racer who inadvertently put high wobbly old '63 Econoline into a three-sixty. It's another good Stringer group-write, full of enthusiasm, quirks and adventure in living life to its fullest. What we went through!

Favorite Automobiles

How to avoid Red Sox disappointment
Russ Priestley
... Here is the solution... 

For Uncle Charlie
by Marjorie Burgess
 ... from three to eighty-eight

Lord of the Manor
by John Averell
... an Irish saga

There once was a man
by Jackie Wattenberg

Train enthusiasts chug along in Melrose
by Jonathan Kranz
 ... 'boomers bedazzled by toys from a previous age

A day on the Lewis & Clark caravan
by Russell Berg
 ... continuing the saga, the Bergs encounter buffaloes

Looking Ahead -- October, 2001
by Jack Beckley

Meeting Elliot Richardson
by Irving Smolens
 ... No day on the beach on D-Day

Reparations for slavery
Len Dalton
... it gets more and more ridiculous


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