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September 11, 2001

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Published the first Friday of each month by the SilverStringers of Melrose, Massachusetts -- October 5, 2001

Almost from the first strike, America and Melrose began to show its colors, and flags and bunting popped up as fast as that great, country-wide welling up of patriotism blossomed. Quietly the colors were presented, for in our sorrow and anger, we wanted to show the world that we are a nation, we are a people together, we are united in our dedication. And so it was, her in Melrose as two Stringers, Natalie Thomson and Bill Jodrey, recorded this flag happening--their photos appear here and on te following linked pages. Here is not just our city, but here is Hometown, USA. We are together, indivisible.

Melrose and the terrorists' attack
by Russ Priestley
... How Melrose reacted

The aftermath:  Shock, disbelief, rage, fear ...
by the people of Melrose
 ... what was your reaction in learning of the suicide attack?

The aftermath: Recording history in the making ...
by the people of Melrose
 .. Where were you when you heard of the assault?

The aftermath: Late for work Tuesday ....
by the people of Melrose
 ... Did you have anyone close involved in the attack?

The aftermath: I just can't fault our leaders ...
by the people of Melrose
 .... Were you surprised that our leaders had little or no advance warning?

The aftermath: I pray to God ...
by the people of Melrose
 ... support military action, even if there are civilian casualties?

The aftermath: ... acts not acceptable
by the people of Melrose
 ... do we need allied support for U.S. military initiative?

The aftermath: Total destruction ...
by the people of Melrose
 ... what should be the extent of our military response?

The aftermath: Freedom does have a continuing price
by the people of Melrose
 ... What are the possible negative results of a military response? 

The aftermath: ... no one seems to know
by the people of Melrose
 ... Who are our enemies?

The aftermath: Only in Tom Clancy novels
by the people of Melrose
 ... diplomatic avenues to relieve world tension?

The aftermath: Speak your peace
by the people of Melrose
 ... say what you have to say ...

Mail to Stringers, from abroad
from the Irish, the French, Thailand, the Belgians ...
 ... may God Bless you and all of America

Downtown Melrose, there's a great army-navy store ...
by the SilverStringers
 ... quickly sold out of flags, gas masks, BDUs ...

"I am an American," she said proudly
by the SilverStringers
 ... I asked quite frankly if she had been harassed ...

Feelings on the Attack on America
by Ella Letterie
 ... HORROR  !!!

Three weeks later ...
by Don Norris
 ... reprehensible killing or no, save the innocent

The post-attack internet
by John Averell
... why the internet is important now.

To the class of 2051
by Len Dalton
... a Melrosian's recap of recent history

The rebirth of patriotism in America
by Bernadette Mahoney
 ... children and adults join in a candlelight vigil

A political triangle - 
  Pakistan, Afghanistan and the United States 

by Manal Ahmad, 16, of Pakistan
 ... re-printed from the Junior Journal

Why? and what to do now?
by Jackie Wattenberg
 ... conversations with just plain folks


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