In Melrose, but where is it?

... a 3.6 second exposure

from Don Norris

Can you guess where this scene is? No hints, except to say that the location is within our city's less-that-five square miles. I came upon this picture while delivering friends home after the Melrose Historical Society meeting, at 10 p.m. It took three tries to get something that wasn't just streaks of orange light; then I realized that the shutter was staying open for a matter of seconds. So I put the Nikon D200 on a wobbly chain link fence, held tight and gently stroked the button. The technical info later told me that the exposure was 3.60 seconds at F3.5. Not quite handheld, but almost. If you can't figure out where we are, you'll have to wait a month for our July issue. By the way -- it is NOT a negative -- it was just pitch black that night.

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