Getting older is inevitable

...Feeling older? Optional

Lilia Dianderas

Growing older is not an illness, neither is  it a synonym of bad temper, but the passing years do make the body more vulnerable to disease. A significant number of problems with people over the age of sixty may also be attributable to nutritional deficiencies. Many elderly people have bad absorption problems, in which the nutrients are not compatible and are not properly absorbed like milk, meat or other badly combined infredients. Our bodies do not assimilate nutrients as well as they once did.

At the same time, as the body ages, its system slows down and becomes less efficient, so the correct nutrients are more important than ever for the support, repair and regeneration of the cells. That does not mean that you can't enjoy your meals. To the contrary, now that you have slowed down running for others, you can sit down, take your time to assimilate your food through your five senses, and you can count each bite and feel the flavors send messages to your cells and every part of your body.  These points can change the way you look and feel on your next birthday...and the next...and the next.

Research proves free radicals, oxidation, stress of aging, have been the subject of a great deal of research in recent years and show they cause poor vision, fragile bones and a weakened immune system. The good news is, once you find out the type of body you were born with, like warm or not warm, then you will be prepared to go through each season of the year taking what is more favorable to your internal temperature. This is what is called going with nature's changes not against it.

Let spring cleaning begin with your body, especially getting rid of negative emotions, which push you to eat an excess of sweets which will, in turn, be the thief of the calcium in your bones. One can have vitality and zest for living at any age. You should not assume that pain and illness are inevitable parts of aging. Yo can feel better at sixty than you did at thirty by making healthy changes and having enough of the six nutrients: mental, emotional, organic, exercise, spirtual, environmental. If your circle is closed to these nutrients you will be able to work and play longer than people much younger than you. Looking youthful for your age is an added bonus.

There are no silver bullets or magic potions only the simple facts that if you give your body the correct fuels it will perform for you.

Thanks for allowing me to share my convictions.

June 1, 2007

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