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Letter: The lady from Aztec, NM

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from Delores Wernet

Editor's note: Delores wrote in response to a monthly letter that Editor Don Norris sends to new and old friends of the Melrose Mirror -- around the world. This one relates to the  publication of the June issue.

Hi, Don, This was exciting news to me, learning of your meeting with AARP reps about the community communications idea. You may recall that I 'talked' with you several years ago about my thought and hope of developing in little ole Aztec NM something similar to the idea you folks are working on at present with AARP and the Media Lab faculty. This sounds like such a wonderful plan you've embarked on, and I certainly will be rooting for you. I will be watching for updates as time goes on and will be looking forward to additional information as your plans unfold.

It seems to me The Man Upstairs has His hand in this. Why else would the annual AARP national meeting be plunked right down in your vicinity in 2007 so that you could man a booth right close to home to show the world what you folks are doing and have been doing for many years. Even tho 14% of the population are reported to be atheists, I think the 86% of us who are not should give God the glory for ideas like this that only He can bring together to benefit mankind. I know you have a wealth of knowledge in the wonderful minds in your Mirror 'think tank' that have come together to work on your Mirror project through the years, and it is just superb that others will be able to benefit from that knowledge.

I received some devastating health 'news' today, and my mind is not functioning very well as a result of the news and the meds I am on, but I wanted to get a note off to you immediately when I read your message. If my e-mail is something you would like to use in the Mirror, you are welcome to do so. You may need to clarify some of my ideas as my mind isn't functioning as well as I would like. Which takes me back to God. Please include me in your prayers. You all have become like part of my family since I found you so many years ago.

God bless you all on this new aspect of your journalistic journey. Your New Mexico friend, Delores


Hi, all. The new issue of the Melrose Mirror is out, on the stands, so to speak. Just ask Google to find "melrosemirror" -- and you'll be whisked away to this typical American town.

Emphasis these days is on community publications -- such as the Mirror, which has been in publication for eleven years now. And I've been part of the movement since the beginning.

Actually the SilverStringers (publishers of the Mirror) went back to school this week -- that is, we were invited by the Media Lab at MIT to join a three-way discussion with AARP, the faculty at the Media Lab and --Us. The topic was community communications, for AARP is thinking of developing and fostering some kind of nation-wide program in which communities can talk within themselves -- and exchange ideas with others. On line.

It was productive. The Stringers (there were seven of us) were asked to describe our project, after which the five AARP asked questions. The faculty -- all of whom are quite familiar with the Mirror -- simply facilitated the Q and A.

By the end of lunch period, it sounded as if our hosts had a good handle on what and how we operate, and later, in a meeting with MIT faculty, expressed the possibility that the Stringers could man an AARP booth at their annual national meeting, which coincidentally, is in Boston in September.

Sounds good to me.

I did a fair amount of writing for this June issue, and did most of the photographs. We have recovered from our cyclical membership lowpoint with the addition of four new, outstanding writers. Ed Boyd, a psychologist; Joe Sullivan, a businessman now enrolled in a writing course at his alma mater, Boston College; Lora Crouse, who has provided housing for foreign visitors and college students for the past 60 years; and Lora' cousin, Arthur Whitman, who grew up in Melrose, but now resides in Maine.

As for personal news of the Norris clan, Lorry is well and attending her 56th reunion at Simmons this weekend. Our granddaughter Kathryn, who gets remarkable grades, was elected president of her high school class. Our daughter Joanne (Kathryn's mom) got a five thousand dollar raise. Our son-in-law Jeff bagged his first turkey last week. And I -- ah, well, I'm still doing this. Writing.

As for the SilverStringers, all 15 of 'em would appreciate it if you'd peruse their stuff in the Mirror. We get brownie points for every reader.

Your friend and cousin,

Don Norris

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