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For English, press One

... I can't fight 'em, but won't join 'em

by Russ Priestley

After a week of battle with "press One," I'm fed up! I was here first. Why should I have to press One? Let "those other people" press One. You know "those" who can't be bothered to learn the language of the country in which they live, but are accepting all the benefits.

I had a complaint about a computer but the local outlet would not listen. They referred me to the headquarters of "certain computer stores, inc." in Virginia. I made a number of attempts ... try ten times ... to get beyond "For English, press One" but I was thwarted. They refused to recognize that I did press One. First, with the index finger, then for more emphasis, with the middle finger.

Further attempts were made with a soft press, a firm press, a long press, a quick press. Maybe I should have added a full-court press or a permanent press. I decided to stop the presses because no one was paying any attention. I got an operator to connect me. It was then when this person asked for more information than I had in front of me, she gave me her extension and told me to call back. When I did call her, I had the same pressing problems as above, so I resorted to my intermediary operator. My extension person was not at her desk so a voice mail was left for her to call me. Now, six days later ... no response. I give up!

President George "Dubya" Bush, The Great Emancipator, and our own beloved Senator Kennedy are in favor of opening the borders and let "them" all flow in. Consider these facts from a respected business magazine wherein a reader challenges the complete lack of knowledge of the magazine. The reader writes, "Fifty-three percent of the students in Los Angeles County are English learners. Despite per-pupil spending in the top third of our nation, California's school rank is 47th in the U.S. Further, in the past five years 83 hospital emergency rooms in southern California have closed because of the Federal EMTALA statute (Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act). This requires that everyone receive treatment regardless of the ability to pay."

If you are an illegal alien with no identification, welcome to your free health care. If you are a working stiff with a valid Social Security number, you're the one who foots the bill for these illegal aliens.

Try not to think about how generous you are. Just keep on dutifully pressing One. I hope you meet with more success than I did, in what seems like a simple task. Si, adios.

July 6, 2007

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