Random Thoughts

Putin at the beach

... the eyes of the beholder

by Carol Nelson

Putin was invited to Kennebunkport to be a guest at the first family's summer digs recently. As I was riding along the Maine sea shore in Kathy's new car, I thought maybe I would see him. As we tooled along I wondered if he had tried salt water taffy (perhaps ripping out a filling.) Would there be rage? Would he slap his flip-flops on the picnic table, scaring Barbara?

Would Vlad be served burgers and hot dogs, clams and french fries? Well, I don't know .. but lobster, for sure. Maybe he'd take a dip in his tiny little speedo embarassing the help? What would Putin think of cotton candy, or fried dough? Would he love the salty sea air, the quaint old cottages tucked together along the water's edge, a nice cold one in a frosted glass? Would he wear dark glasses like a movie star? Did he get a boogie board or take a fast ride in the cigarette boat, his hair blowing back and a big smile on his usually solemn face?

Did Laura butter his toast and pour his morning coffee? Would he be sad to leave beautiful Maine on a sunny summer's day, as I was? I wondered if he scanned the beach taking in the colorful umbrellas and all the the families playing in the sand?

If he is invited again to our leader's summer get-away might that leader be a true ally, not threatening with missiles, or trying to take over the world?

July 6, 2007

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