Forgot the new GPS, ended at the Flying Dragon

... lost on the moors, in Essex, Massachusetts

from Don and Lorry Norris

I bought a new GPS for my car -- mainly because my son-in-law has one, and he says it's great. He drives a lot.

What I got was a Magellan Roadmaster, for two hundred bucks. I printed out the manual, studied it, and was going to put it to use for an outing to Maine on Tuesday. But would you believe, I forgot it!

So therefore we didn't get to Maine, but happened upon a favorite town, Essex in Massachusetts. It's a small but busy place on the moors behind Cape Ann, and its claim to fame seems to be restaurants, a big marina on a winding tidal river, and, uhm, not junk stores but antique shops. Lots of antique shops.

And that's how we ended up at Howard's Flying Dragon Antiques, on the northern edge of the village. It's a place that was once a New England fisherman's home, three levels, and cluttered with stuff -- you know, antique stuff. And not-so-antique stuff. Jammed. Three floors, a two-room shed, a used-to-be driveway, and a lower-level back yard. No grass, but everything else. Every inch of space, including the walls, has something hanging, or taking up space.

It is fascinating. It's not junk by any means, for all the inventory is usable -- at least, in my male's eye. My wife didn't think so. But then she wandered the most, came closest to buying.

I sought permission from the proprietress to use these photos -- she didn't say no, and she was happier when I told her I only write upbeat stuff. Anyway, I vouch for Harold's Flying Dragon as a fine place for browsing the unusual. The place is at the eastern end of the village, on the river side. You can't miss it; it almost overflows into the street.

So much for our first outing with(out) our new GPS: We headed for Maine but forgot the machine -- and ended up in Essex, in Massachusetts. Logical, right? But we had a good day.

As for the new GPS, it got me to the library across town, just fine.

August 3, 2007

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