Historical Society people, in color

... the night Brigid Alverson spoke

from Don Norris

That's Mr. Everything, Melrose's own Phil Kukura, chatting with writer Brigid Alverson, who was the key speaker at the recent meeting of the Melrose Historical Society. Her topic dealt with perhaps the most famous industrial complex in Melrose, the Curtis marshmallow plant, owned and operated by the brother/sister team of Amory and Emma Curtis.

In the left photo are MHS members Preston Johnson and Dottie Pearl. At the right, Persis Chisholm chats with Dorothy O'Connor Berg and Lorry Norris.

Rena Walker and Jane Bond (at left); MHS President Victoria Bolles (in red) compares notes with Anne and Mike Nocito.

The member with the most memories is Lora Crouss, chatting with descendent John Curtis -- of Melrose.

At the left, Jennifer Wallace and daughter talk with Tina Aiella. At the right are Lorry Norris, Carol McKinley and Ralph McCauley.

Susan and Dan Dilillo of Crystal Street discuss history with Pres Johnson.

The photographer failed to get several names. At the left on the phone is Paula Luciano; on the right is Carol McKinley (dark jacket); and in the right photo is Ted Bond. We apologize for not recognizing the others.

Folks we recognize, from the left, are Pres Johnson, Ed Perkins, Dorothy O'Connor Berg, Persis Chisholm, Paula Luciano (talking with) Lee Fagan and Victoria Bolles (back to camera).

At the left are souvenirs of the marshmallow plant on Crystal Street, which operated for the first six decades of the 20th century. At the right is MMTV volunteer cameraman (and alderman) Robert Boiselle.

Bill Dowdall discusses local history with George Pomfret. At the right is the lecture hall at the Congregational Church, with Ms Alverson at the podium.

(Editor's note: Identification was mostly supplied by Diane Wall, senior librarian at the Melrose Public Library, who spotted familiar library patrons).

August 3, 2007

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