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All power to all the people

... left, right, left, right

by Carol Nelson

When I think of all the "suits" at the debates, like duck pins in a row, arguing right, left, while this country, THE IDEA of this country, is being hijacked by big business, I could cry.

We are in the business of war, the business of arms, the business of oil, the business of guns, the business of 737 world-wide bases and 14 new ones in Iraq, the pharmaceutical business, insurance business, the comunication business, the prison business, the business of the Christian Right, and everybody else's business!

Worst of all, the grossest of national products, is the recruitment of boys for the war machine. The federal government's No Child Left Behind Program was supposed to fund schools but gave recruiters the right to go into schools. Boys were subjected to very intimidating uniformed soldiers and even called on the phone at home on a daily basis. One third of the U.S. soldiers who have died were 21 and younger.

We have 9,960 nuclear bombs in existence now. There are 32,500 deliverable bombs. The Pentagon budget for projects conceived BEFORE 9/11 was $439.3 billion. Enough! Stop!

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