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September 11, 2001

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Published the first Friday of each month by the SilverStringers of Melrose, Massachusetts -- Septeber 5, 2003

EVERY SO OFTEN the Stringers feel the need for more recipes, and this is the issue, in fact we considered makint it law that writers submit samples of their work--the goodies--before being accepted for publication. It worked with Phyllis Fewtrell, one of the newer members who provided the whole crew with a chocolate cake on a recent Wednesday. And {above} this is what we look like during the taste-test. That's Natalie Thomson and Russ Priestley carrying on during the business meeting. Check out the seven submissions below, in a special section entitled, simply New/Old Recipes.

Photo by Don Norris

Publisher for this issue is Don Norris

A twenty-first century odyssey
by Irving Smolens
 ... an unusual sequence of events 

It was fun to fly -- part three, Spins
by Marie Moreland
 ... one of life's more embarrassing moments

In 1928, mad Roger gets even
by Margery Crawford Carter
 ... the day my parents were shot at

Melrose senior experiences "Mind Eraser"
Rick Mockler, as told to Editor Don Norris
 ... records amazing photographs of terrifying flights ...

Baseball in Melrose, conclusion
by Steve Johnson
... the rest of the story

Just before four p.m.
by Natalie Thomson
 ... a scary fight in pizza shop

No slave to the shave
by Russ Priestley
... early morning poetry

Considering Quannapowitt and Ell Pond
The Stringer Photo Team
 ... Photo team pokes its nose into neighboring town

The following vehicles are ready for pickup
by Shirley Rabb
 ... flashing in green, red, & yellow

Nostalgia over a family heirloom
by Gail Wolfe
 ... "Board" memories

Shaggy dog story ... love in bloom
by Marie Salamanca
 ... recalcitrant pooch gets the word

Looking Ahead -- September, 2003
by Jack Beckley, executive director, Melrose COA
 ... seniors anticipate "Telephone Reassurance System"

New Hampshire:  odds and ends
by Stringer Don Norris
 ... Melrose couple do a 5-day photo tour of God's country

NEW/OLD Recipes


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