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September 11, 2001

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Chamber Exec Elizabeth McNeils was the key person in the success of the Melrose Victorian Fair, but it took an army of doers and another army of fairgoers to make it happen. See the special section at the right.

Yikes! A spider!
by Stringer Don Norris

Melrose couple 
  in Pennsylvania

from Don Morrison

Irene Conway


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Published the first Friday of each month by the SilverStringers of Melrose, Massachusetts -- October 3, 2003`

ONE STEP CLOSER.The Monday Morning Bridge Club at the Melrose Senior Center presented a check for $500 to Friends of the Aging recently as part of the funding program to renovate the basement of the former carriage house. From the left are Eileen Olsen, chair of the Council on Aging, Rita Quinn Dietrick, president of the Council on Aging,and bridge club members Roxie Aninian and Ellen Durant. When completed the project will include a drop-in center, health clinic and a computer training classroom. According to director Jack Beckley, donations had reached, by September,the first third of the $150,000 goal.

Publisher for this issue is Russ Priestley

Fans travel 3000 miles to meet the Stringers
by Don Norris
 ... The Johnsons, the Nortons and Elie Bourque hobnob at Mirror

Wearing Well -- Percy Glaser at 101
by Brigid Alverson
 ... "We weren't the biggest store in town, but ...

Bragging right
by Russ Priestley
 ... white writer, black newspaper

by Steve Johnson
 ... a place to remember and Woody Herman honked

It's fun to fly -- Part four, Cross-country flight
by Marie Moreland
 ... why not slip over to Melrose and see the house ...

More than I need to know
by Russ Priestley
 ... thanks to computers

The Odors of October
Marie Salamanca
 ... homemade wine, vinegar and tomato sauce 

An afternoon at Saugus Landing
from the Stringer Photo Team
 ... the river, the marsh, the boats, and the characters

Oh, October
by Russ Priestley
 ... here we go again

Why I am prolix
by John Averell
 ... this teacher never saw a word he didn't put in a test.

Miss Ward grabbed Bobby by the ear ...
by Stringer Don Norris
 ... "Sweat is NOT a proper word, Donald. Children perspire."

"The Royal Playmate"
by Natalie Thomson
 ... Director: Miss Bulger

School for Margery
by Margery Carter
 ... finally, I start school

Looking Ahead -- October 2003
by Jack Beckley, executive director, Melrose COA
 ... Get your flu vaccinations here ...

Melrose Victorian Fair 2003


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