Random Thoughts


... consider the birds

by Carol Nelson

In desperate times, when survival is at stake, millions of birds must leave familiar surroundings to fly thousands of miles to new habitats. Many die or are lost in transit. Many lose mates. Change is always difficult in life but sea turtles swim across an entire ocean to lay their eggs on the same beach from which they came. Herds of zebra cross vast expanses for water. Salmon swim upstream against all odds, and lobsters march in long lines along the sea floor.

Sixty thousand years ago man walked out of Africa in perhaps the first human migration. In his book, "The Journey Of Man", Spencer Wells explains this triumphant walk and the scientific proof (DNA testing) that it truly happened. There is also a documentary, "The Journey Of Man", which was aired on P.B.S. Channel 2 on more than one occasion.

The people who made this country great, your forefathers and mine, came across the seas under terrible hardship. In Martin Scorsese's recent film "The Golden Door", it is plain to see the anguish and terror experienced by brave people who left their home to start anew in a strange, unknown place.

War and hunger drive innocent people from their homelands. Consider the cost to them and consider the birds.

September 7, 2005

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