Photography -- not exactly an inexpensive hobby

by Don Norris

Several months ago I made the mistake of reading a photo magazine -- in which there were several ads for wide angle lenses. Bad move, for I got hooked on the idea that I really need one for my still-new Nikon D-200. The result was a negotiation with the local camera store (Hunt's, for those familiar with Melrose) and ended up with a $633 wide angle lens that approaches a 180-degree view. Almost. It opens up to 10mm (which translates to a 15mm in traditional 35mm photography) -- which is super-super wide. The problem is, since buying that lens, I have taken perhaps 5000 photos -- maybe 20 with the WA. So I had to apologize to my dear wife for being such a spendthrift, and promised that she would get her new kitchen this fall. Such is life.

October 5, 2007

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