Random Thoughts

Old ladies

... What are the rules for women?

by Carol Nelson

I am currently representing the Tiara Club or P.W.A.F.: Privileged White American Females. I am a Red Hatters reject.

I am the president, secretary, treasurer and ONLY member of the Tiara Club and poster person for M.A.M.A.M.A.M.A.D: more and more and more and more drugs.

I have become not so much a citizen as a consumer. When times get tough, go shoppin'. The president said so.

So few of us have any real power any more .. not since we don't drive a ton or so of steel around. And after 60 we become invisible even though we know a lot and have experienced so much .. like what war does, over and over and over and over. The Vietnam war killed 3 million so I guess there is some time left to go on this one. War is the same again and again and again but nobody seems to say "Hey! Here it comes again." We rush headlong into war. We pay dearly for it or our children and their children do.

One of the favorite hobbies of old women is fear. It is like a shot of adrenaline and gets us going in the morning like a pot of strong coffee. There is a long list of fears to dwell on: Hoof and Mouth, deadly mosquitoes, killer bees, Orange or maroon alerts, Anthrax, Bird flu, and any plagues announced on Fox t.v.

Not touching fire seems to me a good rule but rules are not always put in place for our benefit and may not provide a happy or well lived life for us.

The rules for girls: DON'T
The rules for old women: zero

The right to vote did not come into being until 1920 after women, themselves, changed the rules. Nothing is changed without effort. Pills and fears will change nothing.

October 5, 2007

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