Photog looks down, sees FEET at the fair

... no fair, no feet. What Melrosians are wearing!

from Stringer Shirley Rabb

Editor's note: The assignment was to shoot the Melrose Victorian Affair -- again. We did this last year, the year before ... and so on into the fair's 25-year history. It then becomes a challenge to present to our reading public a picture (or pictures) that represent this yearly happening. In stretching our imaginations, the Stringers came up with two ideas: beside the standard crowd shots, Ella Letterie offered the idea of shooting the peoples' feet. No one objected, since it was Shirley Rabb that would be doing the actual work and Don Norris who put the pictures in place. And so we have this unique view of the Fair -- 48 feet photos culled from a collection of 86. The other stretchable idea was to shoot fair dogs -- shoot, with a camera -- which essay came to pass and will be presented perhaps in November. So here is Shirley's work with fair feet -- no comment, just feet:

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