Victorian Fair 2007 -- in pictures

... Mirror reflects on 26th downtown fair

from the SilverStringers

The 26th running of the Melrose Victorian Fair happened this year on September 16. This was the scene at 1:30pm.

It was a family affair, and the police were there, putting on a positive look.

At the Fells booth; If parking was a problem, take the family on bikes.

There were at least three dozen delightful performing groups.

Different views: In the crowd, on Dad's shoulders, and from the top of the climbing tower.

Dancers were outstanding.

Howie Carr, writer and radio personality, had a booth to promote his new book.

The balloon girls, Hannah Brickley promoting the MHS ladies' basketball program, and a ride in the Cadillac of carriages.

... and Mayor Rob Dolan was there to explain why it now takes 45 minutes to drive across town.

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