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from Russ Priestley

In early September, the Mirror received a short letter of admiration for what we do every month ... publish an internet journal of general interest. It was from a reader in Australia. She expressed her admiration for our efforts. I replied with thanks and soon the Mirror received another letter from Lynne McPherson relating what a busy person she is.

Lynne has seven children, two of whom are Ethiopians. She, with her husband, went to Ethiopia to obtain them. If that is not enough, she was getting ready to leave Canberra for Comma where she will be busy in the upcoming season as a volunteer bush fire fighter. On her return, she will write and speak to local clubs.

She mentioned living among the wombats and kangaroos in a rural area of Canberra, yet she was recently voted "Mother of the Year." All of this and she said she admired our journalistic efforts.

After her bush fire duty, we would like to keep in touch. This marks the first letter we have received from Australia. This has to be the most distant English-speaking nation, and person, who we've heard from.     

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