Random Thoughts

The real thing

... "Is it the real turtle soup or merely the mock?" Cole Porter lyrics

by Carol Nelson

I believe in butter. Not margarine. Sugar, not saccharin (or whatever they call it nowadays.) Imitation vanilla extract can never rival the real. Nothing can replace the taste of a fresh squeezed lemon. Let's not tamper with dairy products but leave them the way Louis Pasteur and the cow intended. Let's feed cows grass, not corn. Let's buy fresh, healthy veggies from local growers when we can.

This is a season of the senses. The Kancamagus calls and the dark green pines contrast a fabulous display from Mother Nature's paint box. Pine needles smell so good in pooled sunshine. Pumpkins pile up on the grass, apples bend the orchard branches low, sunflowers incline their faces to the sun. Fall feels so real.

It is Harvest time, the time for reaping, and putting up some sweet jam or a "little something by" for winter. Time for making things real.

November 2, 2007

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