Historic find: 1907 photo of Melrose aldermen

... Mayor Dolan discovers gem in Vermont flea market

from Mayor Rob Dolan

Talk about irony, Mayor Rob Dolan was in Vermont this past summer, on vacation with his family. They happened upon a flea market near Burlington, and while sorting through a basket of ancient photographs, he came across one that portrayed the 21 aldermen of the City of Melrose. It was made in 1907 -- exactly a hundred years ago.

A month later Mayor Dolan was in his office, being interviewed for a story, when he reached over and dropped the old photo on the table. It was in amazing condition, although the heavy mounting board had been decaying from the edges in. All images were relatively bright and clear, however.

The mayor said he had no idea where the photo came from, or how it happened to be in Vermont -- several hundred miles from Melrose. He admitted that he had not done any further research -- nor has the the volunteer staff of the Melrose Mirror.

The reporter did, however, pull a pocket digital camera out, and took several frames of the ancient photo -- the photo above. The photo copy has been run briefly through Adobe Photoshop to restore its original appearance, and the original is still tucked away in the Mayor's office. He paid two dollars for it.

1: J.H. Allen
2: W.H. Lovett
3: Wm J. Bowser
4: O.J. Libby
5: C.E. French
6: G.E. Manser
7: L.F. Wentworth
8: F.C. Howard
9: O.B. Monroe
10: E.O. Goodridge
11: E.J. Lord
12: J.C. Page
13: J. Buffum
14: A.S. Davis
15: L.F. Kenne
16: A.A. Day
17: W. DeH. Jones
18: T.H. Gilman
19: C.W. Libbey
20: C.C. Swett, president
21: J.A. Serra
22: Dr. J. Dike
23: V.C. Kirmes, clerk of committee
Photo by E. Chickering, Boston.

If anyone of our readers recognizes someone in the old photo, please contact Mirror editor Don Norris at d2norris@verizon.net -- or the Melrose Historical Society.

December 7, 2007

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