The runaway sleigh

... a children's poem for Christmas

by Grace Santella Allspach, MHS Class of 1942

There was just one day 'til Christmas
When Santa stopped to think.
I'll have to  paint my sleigh this year
The red has turned to pink.

He donned his cap and mittens
pulled shiny black boots on his feet
and crossed through the snow to his workshop
on the other side of the street.

And, as he entered thru the door
there was such a noisy din
you know, that no one heard him
as he stomped and entered in.

He called to all his little elves
who were busy making toys
and said "I have a job for you
if you'd only stop your noise".

"We'll have to paint my sleigh you know
before this Christmas comes".
But the elves were gab, gab chattering
amid the dolls and drums.

They looked up at him in wonder
for they knew that sleigh was gone.
He wasn't there when they got up
and they got up at dawn.

The barn stall where the sleigh had slept
was bare as one could see
poor shabby sleigh had run away
ashamed as he could be.

For he thought that he was overlooked
and he cried and cried that day
till all at once a thought he had
"Why don't I just run away".

"For no one cares about me
I'm such an awful mess
and I know that they will be sorry
and miss me lots, I guess".

So while everything was quiet
and everyone was dreaming
he stood there shivering in the cold
and went on with his scheming.

His rusty runners scratched and squeaked
he stopped and looked about
but no one moved or heard him
and so quickly he slipped out.

Now when the elves told Santa
what happened thru the night
Old Santa scratched his head and said
"We'll have to make things right".

He called out all the reindeer
and they began the search
running here, there and everywhere
down the street, right past the church

They hunted thru the forest white
the valley and mountainside
but nowhere could they find the place
that sleigh had picked to hide.

They looked everywhere for hours
and never found poor sleigh
so Santa said "Let's go back
into the church and pray".

On tiptoes and in silence
into the church they did creep
and there before the altar
lay the tear-stained sleigh, asleep.

Old Santa went and woke him up
and said "Please come back home
we'll make you nice and shiny
and you never more will roam".

Soon all the elves were busy
with brushes, soap and paint
and when they were all finished
the sleigh looked fresh and quaint.

Sleigh started to dance gaily
the elves did laugh and sing
and Santa came to join them
with his jingle bells to ring.

It made the sleigh quite happy
to have friends who loved and cared
and all the singing and dancing made
him forget he'd ever been scared.

So at last came Christmas Eve
when all the work was done
the sleigh was filled right to the top
with toys for everyone.

Now Santa climbed into his seat
and taking the reins in hand
off they went, the sleigh content
bringing joy to all the land.

So boys and girls, remember
when Santa you see
please ask him to take care of sleigh
for you, your friends - and me!

December 7, 2007

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