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September 11, 2001

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Mary Virginia Hanley, the Mirror's first editor, passed away in November at the age of 80. In spite of severe rheumatoid arthritis, she was the Stringers' number one cheerleader, providing a steady voice during those rather tumultuous beginning years. Click here for Jini's article on World War II.

Reflections on interjections
by Russ Priestley

Swimming to victory
by Carol Nelson

Lady Raiders record first loss at division final
from the SilverStringers


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Published the first Friday of each month by the SilverStringers of Melrose, Massachusetts -- December 7, 2007

An empty, forlorn Memorial Hall isn't that way these days. Thanks to an innovative and energetic promotional program by the two-person team of Chuck Person and Heather Rizzo, use of this city treasure has taken an upward spiral. The Mirror went on a tour of 1912 hall recently, snooping backstage, climbing on the catwalks, and squeezing through the pipes of the 90-year old Auburn organ -- for a two-part series that begins below.

Photo by Don Norris

Publisher for this issue is Ella Letterie

Pearl Harbor Day This is the first time in the Mirror's 12 year history that our monthly publishing date falls on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor -- the day "that will live in infamy", to use President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's words. Most of the SilverStringers were youngsters then -- ten or twelve years old -- but we asked these seniors for their memories of that special day. Nine of us responded.

Soldiers and Sailors Memorial building
by Ed Boyd, Don Norris and Louise Fennell
... nooks and crannies at Memorial Hall.

A visit with Lizzie
by Shirley Rabb
... the past is brought alive

Holy Christmas!
by Russ Priestley

How the Park Commission Chose the Mount Hood Manager
by Joe Sullivan
... Meticulous preparation by Commission results in selection procedure that's a class act

New Polymnia director shines in first concert
by Jackie Wattenberg
... performance projected many solo voices ...

Following Yonder Star
by Joe Sullivan
... December 25, 1952, Kumwah, The Iron Triangle, North Korea

The runaway sleigh
by Grace Santella Allspach, MHS Class of 1942
... a children's poem for Christmas

Historic find: 1907 photo of Melrose aldermen
from Mayor Rob Dolan
... Mayor Dolan discovers gem in Vermont flea market

Stringers go back to school
from Don Norris
... What's THAT thing? Where's this go? Don't yell at me, please ...


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