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from the SilverStringers

A PIECE OF HISTORY: The time was late in 1996, the year the SilverStringers and the Melrose Mirror became a reality. The photo was initially used in an MIT Media Lab brochure, and was recently re-discovered in our archives. Front row, left to right are writer Don Norris, editor Jini Hanley, Media Lab Advisor Jack Driscoll, and Walter Bender, who was the faculty head of the "News in the Future" consortium. In the rear are writers Irene Sidman, Francis Bertulli, Jim Driscoll, Media Lab grad-student advisor Marko Turpeinen, editor Kay McCarte and writer Mary McDougall. Over a hundred people have supplied stories about their association with this small city, in the past dozen years. Over 2,000 articles have been published in this internet publication. Norris, McCarte and brothers Jim and Jack Driscoll remain active in the MIT/SilverStringer project.

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