Random Thoughts

Was it something I said?

... nobody likes a smartypants

by Carol Nelson

At the hospital, very early in my sister Janet's first labor, she expressed to our Mother how EAZY it was. Mom's reply was short, truthful and to the point: "IT GETS WORSE."

They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I, too, like to be forthcoming. I have even been called opinionated, which I took, at first, as an insult. More recently, I have decided there is something to be said for having ideas and philosophies of one's own. And, even better, there are ideas and thoughts in books to savor and share.

I hesitate to advise .. even my own children. I like to read and to pass on interesting ideas from the past and to present my view, rather like Julia Child liked to present a Christmas goose.

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