Random Thoughts

New beginnings

... thoughts on curve balls and turntables

by Joanne Olsen Imbracsio

Life is a game of give and take. It seems as though, when everything is settled and one is sure of the future, fate throws a curve ball.

Last spring, I was hit by one of fate's curve balls, I became a widow, for the second time in my life. Frank, my husband and best friend, passed away in March 2007. For awhile, I felt lost and lonely, I could feel alone in a crowd. No more! Life is full, not settled, just fun.

In the past ten months I have driven to Virginia and back alone, taken on a new part-time job and have decided to make the most of each day. Frank loved our Sunday drives and I still do. I enjoy my family and friends.

So when fate throws you a curve ball, catch it, hold it awhile and then get moving, for around the corner there are exciting times, new beginnings. Life is a never ending turntable of highs and lows.

Today one may be sad or glad. Today is only temporary. There is always tomorrow. Our memories are made up of our past todays.

February 1, 2008


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