Random Thoughts

Giggle, giggle, I love you, Honey

... but try to stay in tune, will you please?

by Grace Allspach

    Dedicated to the One I love
        My Funny Valentine

A Love Story

Heart of My Heart, I Love You Truly. You bring Joy to the World and You Light Up My Life. When Did You Leave Heaven? Was it in A Canadian Sunset, The Good Old Summertime or When the Moon Comes Over the Mountains?

Somewhere My Love, You Made Me Love You. Was it only Yesterday, My little Alley Cat? There is no Other Love and You値l Never Walk Alone, for I only Have Eyes For You. You are the Sunshine of My Life and I値l be Near You, 'Til the End of Time. I値l Remember You, As Time Goes By and All the Things You Are. In My Reverie, You値l be My Silent Love Forever and Ever.

Why Do I Love You? You Go to my Head, I Get A Kick Out of You and I知 Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered. But, I値l Get By, Because S淡onderful. You drive me Crazy, Can稚 Keep My Eyes Off of You and I知 Yours, Heart and Soul.

Stardust, Moonglow, Apple Blossom Time, September In the Rain; These Foolish Things Remind Me of You and I知 Misty.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow, There痴 A Small Hotel, where you can Love me Tender. After Tea For Two, Side By Side, we値l Tiptoe Thru the Tulips In The Garden.  From there we値l board the Love Boat and go Cruising Down the River. It痴 Twilight Time and in The Still of the Night We池e Dancing in the Dark and You Light Up My Life. Always.

O Melancholy Baby, I Don稚 Want to Walk Without You for Sentimental Reasons, I Love You. You池e The Object of my Affection, and More Then You Know, Unforgettable.  You are My True Love.

The Way You Look Tonight, I知 In the Mood for Love. It痴 Been A Long Long Time and I Can稚 Remember Where or When. I Can Dream Can稚 I?  When I Grow too Old to Dream, I値l have Memories.

典il Then, You値l always be Gentle on my Mind.
Goodnight, Sweetheart, I Wish you Love,

Amazing Grace    

February 1, 2008

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