A note from the past: "Miss Melrose, 1964"

... produced by a new group called the "Jaycees"

from the archives

The photo was taken about 45 years ago, in a classroom of the old Melrose High School on Lynn Fells Parkway. The scene was a rehearsal of the Melrose JayCees with Bebe Shopp Waring, in preparation for the first "Miss Melrose Pageant", in 1964. At the left are Ron Alley and Leo Colborne of the JayCees. Ms Waring, who now resides in Rockport, was Miss America 1948 (as we remember), and later married into the Waring family of Marmion Road. Mr. Alley was a long-time member of the Melrose Board of Aldermen; Mr. Colborne was to become a noted Commonwealth staff officer. The photo came from the Norris collection of family slides.  

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