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Historical Society ponders digital records

... how can you put an attic of relics on a CD?

from Don Norris

The Melrose Historical Society, under the continuing direction of President Victoria Bolles, manages to produce a bright insight into the history of our city. The growing problem deals with storage of artifacts, photographs, records and larger examples of our history, which are filling up what limited storage space the society has -- Ms. Bolles' attic.

The suggestion was made that perhaps all those old records and photographs should be recorded digitally, put on CDs and external storage drives. It was also suggested that three dimensional artifacts, such as furniture, tools, glass and dinnerware, be photographed digitally for easier reference.

The quarterly meeting was held at the First Congregational Church on February 28, and featured a home movie of Melrose as it was in the 1960s. The issue of digitally recording the collection will continue under study.

March 7, 2008

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