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Is lethal injection the way to go?

... such injection fails miserably as a deterrent to murder

by Len Dalton

When I was a kid, it was common to read in the papers that murderers were sent to the happy hunting ground by merit of “sparky” or the electric chair. These creepy characters deserved all of what they got after often committing multiple murders for whatever reason. Eliot, the proprietor of the “chair” at Sing Sing, described his experiences with these social misfits as they paraded into the execution chamber one after another. Most of them were resigned to their fate and went to their maker with little celebration. In the meantime, you can be sure, others gave a degree of thought to doing murder on others with the idea of meeting Eliot one day. For generations, hanging was the way to the “other” place. It was quick but the image of such a way to die prevented many murders.

Today in an attempt at wisdom, the courts have wimped out with “lethal injections”. Lethal injections! Have you ever had a tooth pulled via sodium pentathol? I have and it is as follows: dentist gauges your weight and injects the sodium pentathol. You sit there and later ask if he changed his mind about yanking your tooth or teeth. He then informs you that the tooth/teeth are already ‘yanked’! You missed the whole thing! Same thing with a “lethal injection” execution. Prisoner lays on table, sodium pentathol gets injected; he/she goes to sleep and misses the rest of the procedure which stops all his/her body functions and later the body is disposed. The image of no pain and no mess to a potential murderer fails miserably to be anything in the way of a deterrent. The image of hanging or electrocution IS a deterrent but the character of this country has now gone down the drain so far that society is now under threat by these goons who would commit murder and mayhem in the absence of a deterrent. The churches say in a chorus ‘no capital punishment’. In so doing, they consign many to an early demise because they eliminated anything in the way of a deterrent.

We read every day of killers torturing and killing children and ‘former’ girl friends. We read of our flimsy courts letting mental cases free before terms are completed only to read of those same criminals committing additional murders. The judiciary are playing perverse games at the expense of ordinary people like you and me. To put it mildly; it is nothing less than sick. Think it over and speak up if you can.

April 4, 2008

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