The people and paintings at the 2008 art show

... close-up look at Melrose's Memorial Hall

by Don Norris

As Jackie Wattenberg says in her story on the recent MACA art show, this was the best. The Stringers managed to get a basketful of photos during the three-day event -- of the artists, of their work, and of the hundreds of people attending what has become an anticipated annual event. Unfortunately we do not have all identifications, so off-hand comments will have to do.

Photos by Don Norris

In this shot from the balcony we can see artists Don Fox (checkered shirt) and Dixie Clark (turquoise), as well as former Mayor Richard Lyons (gray, foreground).

In the center of the lower row is Melrose artist Eva Cincotta.

That is Melrose's J.J. Jones with some of his moving work.

At the left is art enthusiast Christa Evanson of Melrose.

All ages enjoy a good art show.

The dramatically moving work of Robert Cyr.

We recognize Debra Corbett (at left) and Dixie Clark (at right), both of Melrose.

At the right is artist/teacher Christine Riccardi, with a patron.

Performing at the MACA Arts Festival were eight students of music teacher Dorothy Travis. They included Hudson Rubbins, Lilah Drafts-Johnson, Jordan Rubbins, Andrew Zucco, Ann Gilbert, Eva Gertz and Katherine Costa.

Pretty girls come with purple bows. At the right are writer/reporter Jackie Wattenberg of both the Melrose Mirror and the Melrose Free Press; and Jennifer Barbati, who is a wildlife artist from Tewksbury.

May 2, 2008

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