My first swim of the year

...and boy was the water cold

by Casa

I wanted to tell you all about my day at the beach in Maine. My parents took me to Wells Maine, specifically to Drakes Island in Wells.

This wonderful beach is where I can run free during the fall and spring seasons. There are very few people on the beach during these off-season times and I usually have a good time.

I thought about the waves pounding the beach, and I just watched the peaceful scene for a while before plunging in. But once I hit the water it was wonderful to have the ocean to myself.

My parents had a tennis ball with them and so it was toss for them and fetch for me. Once when the ball went into the water close to the shore I had to stop and look at my reflection. It was like looking in the mirror at home, but this was the ocean floor. It was a strange experience for me to see myself on the ground.

Both of my parents keep a sharp eye on me and if I am too far ahead I hear the whistle to return. We walked along a great stretch of the beach and when I ran ahead, as I usually do, I got called back and back I came.

I climbed the stairs to one of the huge houses along the beach and walked along the stone wall protecting these homes.

There were no people visible inside these beautiful buildings and some of the homes were still boarded up against the winter weather.

It was nice to see the American and Maine flags flying patriotically in the breeze.

I was able to run across the rocks and along the water’s edge, and I had an occasional battle with the waves for fun.

Although I was not tired my parents needed to rest now and again and so we stopped along the way back to the car.

It was a perfect day for me. I had no leash, no strangers to worry about and very few dogs to deal with.  

This all happened on April 20th. Have you been swimming yet?

May 2, 2008

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