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September 11, 2001

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A rebuttal to: 'Is lethal injection the way to go?'
by Ed Boyd

by Ann Robbins Talbot

The All-American breakfast, served in Melrose
from Don Norris


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Published the first Friday of each month by the SilverStringers of Melrose, Massachusetts -- May 2, 2008

Our photo of the Melrose Arts Festival, which Jackie Wattenberg declares the "best yet", depicts the central area filled with exhibitors and admirers. (Click on picture.)

Photo by Don Norris

Publisher for this issue is Ed Boyd

Historic rubber shoe complex to survive
by Don Norris
... "The Mills" incorporated in city's "Smart Growth"

The best Arts Festival yet
by Jackie Wattenberg
... a glorious collection at Memorial Hall

The people and paintings at the 2008 art show
by Don Norris
... close-up look at Melrose's Memorial Hall

Another tale from the North Country
from Carol Priestley
... when sheep come aknocking

A questionable legacy from a wealthy ancestor
by John Averell
... be wary of well-meant gifts

My first swim of the year
by Casa
...and boy was the water cold

Dizzy Dot -- A sequel to Dorothy's December
by Dororthy O'Connor
... draped over the fender, all was not well

Retirement of the flags
by Carol Nelson
... speaking of symbolism

Some of the good guys
by Russ Priestley
... and how they have affected our lives

Have you ever been to brupper?
by Shirley Rabb
... all for a worthy cause

Dakota Dan litigation revisited
by Arthur Whitman
... was it Dakota Dan or Fresno Dan?

A park in our midst
by Shirley Rabb
... back to nature for a few hours

'The Coldest Winter'.. David Halberstam's last book
by Joe Sullivan
... the late David Halberstam's book about the war in Korea provides some political page-turning history

MVES planning new 'Aging in place' program
from Jack Beckley, director, Melrose Council on Aging
... Looking Ahead for May, 2008


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