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Letter to the Editor

from Laurie Elinoff

I loved your article-'Some of the good guys...and how they have affected our lives.' I would like to share a story about some more good guys and how they have affected my life here in Birdland-Orioles country. We have an organization called VME-Volunteers for Medical Engineering. One of the wonderful things that VME does is to loan computers to individuals who have severe disabilities that leave them unable to work.

In July, 2001, I became one of those people when I incurred a Traumatic Brain Injury as a result of an automobile accident. One year later I became the proud recipient of a computer on loan through the program with VME. These good guys have truly affected my life as I've now had the opportunity to use a computer in my home. And, in many ways, this has opened up a whole new world for me.

I would guess that a similar organization is at work in Massachusetts. I'm very appreciative and grateful to VME. And reading your article makes me want to reach out to be one of the 'good guys.'

When we received this letter, the writer was asked if she had more to add. Laurie revealed much pertinent information. This will launch our new feature.. Guest Columnist of the Month.

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