Random Thoughts

Of ants and men

... where are we going?

by Carol Nelson

Super biologist Edward O. Wilson (l929-  ) studies ants. Seriously. He was in N.Y. video taping for Channel 2, standing up in the Grand Central Station balcony looking down on mankind scurrying about just like .. well, ants.   

Sixty thousand years ago, man walked out of Africa and peopled the earth. This has been proven by DNA testing and written about in "Journey of Man" by Spencer Wells.

Men march willingly off to war. War protesters march too, but too few.

Migrating peoples from everywhere have traveled too many miles to ever count. All of our ancestors have migrated here. All. Are you still with me?

Where is this going? I wonder. And maybe you wonder too? Generation after generation, where are we all going?

Forward. Ever on. As driven as ants. Most often reacting .. not thinking. Will we become conscious of our direction, our ultimate goals, choosing where we will go? Will we make good decisions about the environment, our brothers all around the world, the need to end war? Not ants but men.

August 1, 2008

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