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More on death for the killers

... no more namby pamby with killers

by Len Dalton

At this time, allow me to thank Ed Boyd for his qualified input to my "outrageous" article about the death penalty. In the last 100 years humans have been swept to their demises via Stalin, Hitler and an international Tom, Dick and Harry with aplomb.

Humans, in the last century were met with death with a disgusting measure of indifference by those not in threat of same, as Hemingway said. Dr. Boyd also mentioned the statements of Albert Camus, the renowned French Marxist novelist, as regards execution in France. To that measure allow Ed to enjoy "L'Tranger"; "I gazed through the narrow window of my cell and saw the stars. I then knew the profound indifference of the universe." Indeed, the murderers among us have to know the results of their crimes. They must know the profound indifference of the Universe! Philosophy, not withstanding, cannot do away with the price of murder in any sense.

July 3, 2008

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