Dog days of summer

... it's too darn hot

by Casa

Let me tell you about the temperature of the season. I mean it is hot! Now most humans think that 90 degrees is getting up there for them. Time for the air conditioners and the beach, well before we get to 80 degrees I feel the pressure.

My fur coat insulates me to a point but trust me, I get hot early in the summer.

My human parents take good care of me by following all the rules to keep me cool.

I am never left in the car during warm weather, why even when temperatures are only 80 degrees outdoors the car can get up to 102 degrees in just 10 minutes. I have been in the car with one of my parents and the air conditioner on while my other parent did her shopping. But never alone, even with the windows slightly open.  

I have seen other dogs panting in cars at the mall parking lot and this saddens me. Panting helps but our sweat glands are in the pads of our feet and on our noses and in the hot humid days these are not sufficient.

My walks, in this weather, are short and in the early morning or early evenings. Short walks are best because even though the temperature has dropped a few degrees the asphalt is still holding the heat and I and my friends do not have shoes on as humans do.

What I really like to do when we get to Maine, to one of my parent's home, is jump in the lake. I love to swim or just splash around and I have great fun. Some of my friends in Melrose tell me that their human parents have kiddie’s swimming pools in their back yards for the children. This is wonderful because the dogs get to play in the water too.

A few of my friends get tied up outdoors because they do not have an enclosed yard. But none of us are happy in the heat. Even in the shade the temperature gets up there so we need plenty of drinking water close by.

Now this might seem like a lesson for my Melrose Mirror readers but I wish you would pass the information on to your friends that have dogs and cats too.

I know this is not as frivolous or funny as some of my other articles but I had to write it. Won’t you please pass it on?

Nos Vemos Por Un Buen Tiempo  
So long for now

July 3, 2008

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