Ode to America

By Grace Allspach

Though born and raised in the land of the free,
It never meant that much to me.
When I was young and inclined to play
The games and such of the youth of my day.
Now that Iím older, the things Iíve seen,
That which Iíve done and the places Iíve been
Mean more to me now than ever before.
Thatís why I say, ďAmerica youíre the greatest!
I like America!
I love America!
America is my Country!

You showed you had a heart and a soul,
They came to life with a tootaling fife
And the ta-rum of a drummerís roll.
ďThe Spirit of Seventy-sixĒ, folks gave you a name,
And wrapped you in bunting of glorious hue.
Thirteen stripes of red and white,
Thirteen white stars on a field of blue
A flag to go with your fame!

There was a birth certificate as well,
A declaration for all to tell, of
Independence and freedom so grand
To those first thirteen States, united,
In a new and wonderful land
Bless our founding fathers.

Many have died giving you birth
And nurturing you through the years, yet
No country can grow without some pain,
And the shedding of blood and tears.
Salty and red, mixed with the rain
That fell to the earth
And covered the fallen dead.
Our heroes!

Religious freedom came with a price,
As they fought for what was true;
To set men free to live their lives
As Americans through and through
Who down through the ages
Have filled historyís pages
With inventions and glories of man.
Rebels who fought for a cause;
For you we offer applause.

Little did they know
This wondrous land would grow
And come together as fifty great states
Who in this year celebrates
Another birthday
Happy Birthday, land of mine
May your fifty stars eternally shine.
Land of the free!

Youíve faced wars and depressions
Likewise recessions, but did you ever stop?
No! You found a way to cure these ills,
And still come out on top.
Through all the inner turmoil now
Just as in the past,
Youíll handle every problem.
Theyíre not the first and they wonít be the last,
Rise above it all, America my America
You shall never fall.
I will stand behind you, Iím small, but not alone
For you didnít survive over two hundred years
And do it on your own.

North, south, east and west
Across over the oceans blue
We Americans everywhere, say
ďDo what you have to doĒ.
We understand, though at times we may gripe
And wonder if youíre wrong
We wonít desert you, because you see
Weíve been together too long.
Itís called democracy!

We cannot foretell what the future holds
But youíre still the greatest of lands
Where freedom can live forever
If we put things in Godís hands.
For we need to find a solution
To stop this slaughter and hate
For our world without end
Will surely end.
We just hope we wonít be too late
Let us bow our heads and pray as one,
To ask for guidance along the way
To always stay true
To our red, white and blue!
At this time I would like to say
All that I feel in my heart today.
America, youíre the greatest!
I like America!
I love America!
America is my country!
Home of the brave.

July 3, 2008


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