Special! Photos of the Celtics' parade

... crowds jam Boston to celebrate with NBA champions

from Don Norris

Riding a fleet of Boston Ducks, the team, its owners and officers, the cheerleaders, notables from past years, formed the half-mile-long parade at what is affectionately know as "The Garden".

Hundreds of thousands of Boston Celtics fans poured into the city on June 19 to celebrate the club's domination over the National Basketball Association this past season. It was a fitting culmination as 'green people' lined the parade route 20 to 30 deep, from the Garden at North Station, up Beacon Hill past the State House and Boston Common, all the way to Dartmouth Square.

It was a joyous occasion, for it had been 22 years since the Celtics -- long a powerhouse in the NBA -- won a national title. One had to go back to the days of Larry Bird, Bill Russell and Kevin McHale to see such an outpouring of fan loyalty. Among those fans was SilverStringer Don Norris, who shot these photos.

The Celtics buried the powerhouse Los Angeles Lakers in the final game of the playoffs with a 131-92 blowout. It was the largest margin of victory in the history of championship games. Last year the club struggled badly, winning only 24 games; this season the green won 66 games in regular season play.

B.J. Brown waves the team trophy. With him are Leon Powe and Eddie House (with dark glasses). Giving the victory sign is owner Wye Grousbeck. The tall fellow, Kevin Garnett, is in the background.

Two hours before the scheduled start of the parade, fans had already surrounded the Garden; Trains on the "T" were jammed with people -- many students since schools had closed for summer vacation.

Paul Pierce, who was named the tournament Most Valuable Player, played with an injured knee, averaged 21 points in the NBA finals. Teamates Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen -- both newly acquired this season -- scored 26 points each.

Confetti fills the air, and the crowd is a sea of green -- just as the parade begins.

With the crowd roaring, Glen Davis dofts his shirt to celebrate. At the left is Rajon Rondo.

Scot Pollard hoists his baby while Brian Scalabrine (we think) works with his camera, taking pictures of the crowd that is taking pictures of him.

The cheerleaders for the team that won its 17th world title.

The parade winds up the backside of Beacon Hill, toward the State House, where all the notables were dwarfed by the line of champions.

July 3, 2008

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